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Do you dress for you or for others? It doesn’t matter what the answer is, but it might surprise you to know that how you dress has a lot of an impact on you.


Feel free, let your skin breathe, be a revel, be active and most importantly, be happy. Be slow loving and soft to your soul, be an introvert if you like and be an extrovert if you prefer. BE YOURSELF and feel comfortable in your own skin.


Fashion is an expression of ourselves and is here to serve us in many ways. Make sure you are choosing wisely. Buying a certain piece of garment can be influenced by many factors like need, aesthetics, and comfort. Whether the reason for wearing a certain garment is due to basic necessity, to assist an elegant event, or to protect us from the weather, comfort is a must.

This is our “comfort over all” selection

Defining clothing comfort can be difficult: in simple words, clothing comfort is a state of mind, it’s the absence of perceived discomfort. Clothing comfort is a state of satisfaction indicating physiological, psychological, and physical balance among the person.


Always wear what you want to wear. Fashion is about self-expression through clothing, it’s about you, not other people’s opinions of you. Your clothes are powerful tools and they deserve your full intention. Make sure to have a good variety of clothes to hand, since moods change all time. It’s important to have different options that’ll help express exactly how you want to feel while being you, in a comfortable state of being and mind.