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Ascension Pinky Ring


Wearing a ring on your pinky finger often sports a coat of arms and symbolizes status and the importance of family. These rings tend to be passed down through the generations. Overall, it is thought that a ring worn on the little finger symbolizes intelligence, intuition, and communication.


In Péndulo we believe in having a small number of things of very high quality. Pieces that we will be able to wear forever. When it comes to fine jewelry, we think of gold and precious stones, because they play the most important role. These are the kings of the materials that last forever and the lead role of a classic that will always go well with anything we wear. This is the Ascension collection of 18k gold and emeralds. A ray of the yellow sun and the green of mother nature coming together to accompany you in your daily life.


  • 4,2 g 18 k gold
  • 32-point Emerald from Colombia
  • Emerald cut
  • Size 4 for pinky or middle finger

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