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Isis Short Knit Dress


An everyday dress designed to be with you for life. A casual and very elegant way of feeling relaxed, yet stylish. Incredibly comfortable creates a long tall silhouette. Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess of the moon, fertility, healing, and magic. She is known as the essence of femininity and is exalted in her role as mother and wife. The regal name Isis also means “woman of the throne,” and thousands of women and girls in Egypt and around the world claim this name as their own.


  • Low back neck
  • Stretch knit
  • No pockets
  • Mini dress
  • Hand Dyed

-100% cotton.

-Hand-made piece.

-We buy verified leftover and over-ordered fabric from the textile industry. This is called dead stock and allows us to reuse materials.

-Hand wash or delicate machine wash with cold water.

-Steamer or cold iron

-No dryer

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