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Kali Velour Trousers


Velour is the French word for velvet, and, like velvet, velour is woven by a special process with looped threads that are cut to form a pile, or textured surface. Our high-end velour, besides being gorgeous to the touch, is good at absorbing the excess oil and cleansing your skin as well. Velour is known good to the body due to its alkalizing properties that keep the pH levels of your skin balanced.


  • Straight loose cut
  • Half elastic belt
  • Unlined
  • Relaxed fit

-100% cotton velour handmade piece made out of remnants from the textile industry. Painted by hand with non-toxic dyes. 100% cotton tread.

-We buy verified left over and over ordered fabric from the textile industry. This is called dead stock and allows us to reuse materials.

-Hand wash or delicate machine wash with cold water

-Steamer or cold iron

-No dryer



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Blue, Orange and Purple


Large, Medium, Small