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Manipura Small Bracelet


We create the Péndulo chains one by one link by link. The craftsmanship of chains is one of the oldest most complex processes in the world and very little people still makes them by hand and not with machines. We like to follow this tradition. Some times the old ways of doing things by hand make the real difference. Chains for us are the representation of union and patience. Chains have the capability of adjusting to any type of body copying the shape of the human morphology to perfection.


Our chains are the ultimate basic accessories, so we love them.


  • Brass
  • 24k gold thick plating
  • Adjustable
  • S Broch
  • 8mm links

We work with 100% reused silver and brass. Metals tend to oxidize with humidity and air but that’s completely normal. There are many ways to clean your jewelry. First is important to keep it inside the bag when not being used. For cleaning, you can use toothpaste or polish cream and softly rub the piece with your finger, a cloth, or a toothbrush.


With silver, you can clean it hard, and will look like new. Brass with gold plating needs to be cleaned very softly as the plating vanishes easily. Remember you can always find a gold plating place in your town and take all your brass jewelry to re-plate every 1-2 years. Is not expensive and your gold jewelry will look new every time.

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