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Kali Chiffon Maxi Kimono


Maxi for the size and maxi for the power we put into making it. This is a total favorite bikini cover, but it also works as a beach party outfit. Loose, fresh, and intriguingly sexy. This kimono can be worn as a dress or as a cover. Also, wear it over jeans and a tank top for a city summer look.


  • Mini length
  • Attached delicate strap
  • Big loose sleeves
  • Relaxed fit

-100% silk handmade piece made out of remnants from the textile industry.

-Painted by hand with non-toxic dyes. 100% Silk and cotton thread.

-We buy verified leftover and over-ordered fabric from the textile industry. This is called deadstock and allows us to reuse materials.

-Hand wash or delicate machine wash with cold water.

-Steamer or cold iron.

-No dryer.

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Black, Dark Purple, Purple


One Size