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One of a Kind Necklace


This absolutely unique piece is a treasure that has travel the world tough endless times and spaces. Made out of antique treasures that I found in different places, this necklace is almost more of a museum piece.


    The amulets contain:


    • 1 carved by human real antique stone, set in silber with a garnet and a coral. This piece must be around 100 years old (the stone a lot longer)


    • Antique ruby, sapphire and an emerald set in silver.


    • Antique opal set in silver with pave of pyrite stones.


    • Antique snail fossil set in silver.


    • Antique Mamet horn piece set in silver with turquoise.


    • Hand made Péndulo 8mm link chain in 952 silver


We work with 100% reused silver. Metals tend to oxidize with humidity and air but that’s completely normal. There are many ways to clean your jewelry. First is important to keep it inside the bag when not being used. For cleaning you can use tooth paste or polish cream and softly rub the piece with your finger, a cloth or a tooth brush.




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