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Short Mini Multiverse Totem


This piece has personality. It almost talks and says beautiful things as you see it. It protects you, but it also will look amazing paired with your most beloved bikini or some gorgeous trousers and a T-shirt; or even an elegant dress.


  • 925 Silver
  • 24k gold plating
  • Quarts, amethyst, onyx, or tourmaline
  • Matte finish

We work with 100% reused silver. Metals tend to oxidize with humidity and air but that’s completely normal. There are many ways to clean your jewelry. First is important to keep it inside the bag when not being used. For cleaning, you can use toothpaste or polish cream and softly rub the piece with your finger, a cloth, or a toothbrush.

To clean your stones energetically:

The best way is to bring them to the ocean with you, but if this is not an option prepare a small bowl with sea salt. Soak them for a while (15 to 30 min ) and done. This is the simplest way to clean your crystals energeticly.

Leaving the water bowl with the cristals under the sun light is very powerful to charge them with light and strength from the most powerful source.




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Amethyst, Lapislázuli, Onyx, Turquoise, Quartz


Silver, Gold