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Suani Ikat Blue Kimono


We believe that the colors white and black turn any piece into an elegant piece. These two shades are the kings of the basics, and we have achieved perhaps the most necessary piece of our collection. Remember that kimonos must be used strategically and with great elegance. White linen pants, delicate shorts, and low tones. Let your kimono be the center of attention. A simple cut oversized kimono. Loose, comfortable, and fresh. The fabrics used for this gorgeous piece, are from India and other places that create the most beautiful cloths.


  • 100% Linen 100% cotton
  • Loose fit
  • Long lenght
  • Lined
  • reversible
  • Unique size

-100% Linen. The hand-made piece is made out of remnants from the textile industry. We buy verified leftover and over-ordered fabric from the textile industry. This is called dead stock and allows us to reuse materials.

-Hand wash or delicate machine wash with cold water

-Steamer or cold iron

-No dryer

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