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Storm Linen T-shirt


This tee is an extraordinary basic with a round wide Neck, longer in the back, and made with super thin soft Linen.  We named it Storm because we believe everyone has a personal storm inside that needs to come out. Also, did you know that about 85 tropical storms form annually over the warm tropical oceans of the globe? Among these, a little more than half become tropical cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons. Out of the 85 tropical storms.


  • 100% Linen
  • Wide round neck
  • Hand dyed

-100% Linen. The hand-made piece is made out of remnants from the textile industry. We buy verified leftover and over-ordered fabric from the textile industry. This is called dead stock and allows us to reuse materials.

Dye design might be slightly different than the picture as each piece is dyed manually.

-Hand wash or delicate machine wash with cold water

-Steamer or cold iron

-No dryer

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