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Péndulo was born out of the profound desire to transform the current relationship humanity has with clothing and accessories, so that people can continue to experience fashion without harming nature.
We seek to have a company that exists in harmony with the earth and does no harm to humans, animals, or plants. When we learned that fashion was one of the worst pollutive industries, we decided to start Péndulo to do our part to change that. Production happens with a zero-waste philosophy, using non-toxic dyes and sustainable fabrics.
We want you to enjoy the process of dressing up–with the sole purpose of having fun while finding a deep connection to life through what you wear.


Combining the nobility of mother earth by using its regenerative materials, and also our indigenous wisdom by applying their ancestral techniques, we created Objects of Power.
Each of our pieces possess a high vibrational energy and carry, not only wisdom, but also magic, since every object conveys a generational lineage that is obtained by its handmade elaboration.
We intervene our pieces one by one, creating one of a kind pieces, allowing our clients to feel proud of the work of art they wear. Objects of Power, for us, is synonymous with conscious ancestral luxury, considering each creation a prayer to the earth.


By using high quality natural fibers and soft comfortable materials, we create versatile pieces and timeless designs. We know it’s possible to build a great wardrobe from a handful of exquisite essentials that will last for years.
Our team doesn’t focus on responding to a specific trend, but on assisting enthusiasts in their daily life. We take a conscious, environmentally progressive approach to the work we do. Our team producers hone their skills and strengthen their business acumen.
Basics for Lifestyles are made of natural materials, using traditional skills combined with low-impact, environmentally friendly technologies. Handpicked and designed pieces you will fall in love with to pack in your carry on and go everywhere.


Péndulo is more than a sustainable trademark: our swimwear collection textiles come from recycled fishing nets, while the raw material we use for our clothing comes from dead stock, that way we contribute to lowering the production of new industrial textiles, one of the most contaminating industries in the world. We support indigenous cultures and artisans around the world, paying them fair wages, as we understand the importance of their work and the magic that their handmade pieces bring.


We know that sustainability is a constantly growing subject and that everyone in the industry is still learning, hence the importance of doing our bit. We are learning every day and constantly researching to find better and more positive solutions. Thank you for your help and support.

Your clothes conceal much of your beauty, yet they hide not the un beautiful.

Kahlil Gibran

Lina Camacho is a talented Colombian designer  who moved to Tulum in 2017, searching for a deeper connection with nature that would allow her to achieve self-discovery, and based on it, to be reborn as a businesswoman committed to human, social and environmental well-being.

Although Lina has had a deep passion for lifestyle and fashion design all of her life, she has always known that the industry is hurting the planet more and more every day. She believes that most manufacturing companies are founded in the wrong ways, not being part of the cycle of life, but instead feeding from nature without giving back. She understands that everyone can stop and look at the industry they work in to see what can be made to improve this.

She considers herself a consistent and vocal supporter of circular economy, therefore, she uses remnants from apparel manufacturers and indigenous textiles and materials. The sustainable designer and her team turn them into wearable artisanal collections that embrace color, texture, and fun.

She finds inspiration in the little details of life. The ineffable moments that take her to depths of love and joy. Creating beauty is her most joyful state, so she knows that designing, creating and expressing herself through beauty will always be her most valuable medicine.

All these things combined have given birth to Péndulo, a brand that seeks to change an entire industry, supporting humanity instead of going against it.

Lina Camacho’s long fashion and design career also includes living and working in London, Barcelona, Rome, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Mexico City.