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Sustainable fashion is a design philosophy that promotes environment and social responsibility. This type of fashion is defined as clothing, shoes, and accessories that are manufactured and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic.


Because we believe mass production of raw materials is one of the biggest contributors to harming the natural world, in Péndulo, we are committed to only using fabric remnants from the fashion industry. Our creators make sure we don’t support any kind of textile factories until regenerative farms are in place. In the meantime, we believe humanity has produced enough and we can work for many years with already done materials.

The global textile industry has experienced increased consumption, manufacture and use of textile products, affecting the global climate, the quality of ecosystems and human health. Progress is beginning to take shape to transform the vicious cycle of the textile value chain into a circular economy, but the challenge is now to move sustainable efforts to the mainstream as quickly as possible.


As a sustainable, ethical fashion label, our focus is on producing trans-seasonal garments. An important aspect that we love is that we have kindhearted and well paid workers or volunteers.

One of them is Julieta. Our head of seamstresses that a while ago gave up her vocation as a tailor to become a taxi driver for lack of money. We welcomed her into the team in 2019, and she is the head of the workshop in Merida. Her mother also works with us.


We don’t focus on seasonal trends, but instead, on versatile timeless pieces. We believe that if each person buys less stuff but better quality we don’t need to produce as much as we do now and like that reduce the carbon emission. A great wardrobe can be created from a handful of exquisite essentials.

Since ancient times, we humans have used leather to protect ourselves from the cold, so logically the problem is not wearing leather. The issue appears when we change our coats each season, instead of owning only two or three to wear for life. What is not sustainable is the way we consume the resources. Péndulo only works with 100% natural materials (or recycled plastic in the case of the bathing suits). Like this we make sure our products don’t end up being plastic in the ocean.


We are creating sustainability as we speak, it’s not black or white. We are researching and trying to find solutions. Yes, killing animals to use their skin is terrible, but while the meat industry keeps happening, it is even worse to discard their skin as waste: a lasting resistant material that humans have been using for ever. We need to transport ourselves to a conscious consumption and elevate the relationship we have with our objects. In Péndulo, we invite you to have one incredible leather piece and cherish it forever. To us, that’s sustainable.


Péndulo only buys brand new materials from indigenous and artisan handmade work, which we use to intervene our pieces making them unique. We support over 30 different communities around the world that have kept the knowledge of creation over generations. If we support the fair trade small artisans that are doing things with love and devotion, we are supporting the growth of these aspects in the world. We all have to stop buying garbage and start buying magic.