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Traditional knowledge is transmitted between generations through fashion, stories, songs, dances, carvings, paintings and performances.  However, global histories of colonialism, exploitation and dispossession continue to undermine and undervalue these aspects. It is very important to rescue and maintain indigenous traditions since they are the ones who inhabit remote places in nature, to be its guardians and therefore maintain the balance. By supporting them, they remain in the countryside and avoid abandoning their tradition and lands.

Indigenous have a deep connection with the plants or animals from which they extract their materials to produce art or fashion. They cultivate plants and farm animals their entire life, and then they ask for permission from mother nature before using it. They turn these parts into materials with respect. They dye the fabrics with natural materials, and they do prayers while creating the pieces. Indigenous use ancient techniques paying respect to their ancestors. They imprint prayers to the elements and to Mother Nature in their creations and that’s where their patterns and shapes come from.


These are the real objects of power. They help raise the frequency around them. This is why we work with communities around the world incorporating their work into our designs.

These are our “Indigenous touch” pieces