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Turning fishnets into raw materials is an excellent win for the environment as the discarded nets will not end up in the ocean.~ Lina Camacho Péndulo´’s Founder
As the population grows, the demand for new products, especially clothing, rises. But don’t forget that resources are limited, and the amount of waste we produce is increasing. One attempt to make the fashion industry more sustainable is to use recycled materials to reduce useless waste.
Péndulo is creating clothes using recycled and reused materials that are essential to helping with the growing issue of climate change and other aspects of the ecosystem. When recycled or reused materials help create clothes, many materials can be used for this process. Materials that can be used range from old discarded clothes to plastics. Sustainability is an important term that means making necessary and responsible decisions to help create minimal to no waste while promoting less waste creation. There are various ways the material can be recycled, it can be mixed with other fabrics to create a new material, shredded to make the garment, and in some cases, the shredded material can be dyed for a particular color needed. Recycling and reusing materials to make clothes is a sustainable and efficient method to decrease production costs.
Over the past five years, organizations and companies worldwide have been working together to clean oceans of fishing nets and then recycle them into sustainable apparel: this is where Péndulo decided to step in and now produces its entire swimsuit line with recycled fishing nets.
Using recycled materials lessens our need to extract raw materials. Recycled materials also require less energy and water than their virgin counterparts, allowing us to use materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill.